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* Please enter the Quoted amount provided by Digital Watchdog’s RMA department. Sales orders/Quotes may not include fees such as but not limited to sales tax (If applicable) and/or freight cost.
** If the correct pricing is not inputted, it may delay shipment of your product and the advanced replacement credit card form will need to be resubmitted.

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1. Customer will be given a quote for the equipment at the price specified in the Agreement along with credit card authorization as a form of Security Deposit. Customer must provide the filled out Credit Card Authorization and tax form and provided the documents to the RMA Department before the Agreement can take place.

2. DW will invoice (MSRP) Customer for the Equipment at the time of shipping but will not collect payment at that time. If the defective Equipment is returned within 30 days from the date of receipt, Customer will be credited for the invoiced amount of Equipment returned. Customer must contact Company to advise of return within in 30 days of date of receipt of Equipment and provide tracking for the return of the defective Equipment, otherwise Company will assume Customer will not be returning the defective Equipment and the Credit Card Authorization will be executed. Credit card submitted will be charged for the invoiced amount of the Equipment without further notification.

3. DW will provide 3 day shipping for products bought within 90 days, and ground shipping for products bought within 1 year. Any other type of expedited shipment will be paid for by the customer.

4. Customer agrees to contact the Company via the RMA Department to coordinate the return of the defective Equipment. To avoid the return being rejected, the following criteria must be met :
a. All returns must include all original accessories and valid RMA number on the outside of the box.
b. If the equipment is damaged by negligence by the customer, the Company will charge for any damages caused by the Customer.
c. If there is damage to the Equipment due to improper packing in returning the Equipment to the Company, the customer will be responsible for the damages.
d. If Equipment is not returned in such condition, the Customer will be liable to the Company for the amount necessary to restore the Equipment to such condition. Customer may choose to purchase the Equipment “AS IS” at the invoiced amount in lieu of paying for repair costs.

I hereby authorize Digital Watchdog to charge the indicated credit card for the one-time charge plus applicable shipping charges if I choose to keep the advanced replacement equipment or fail to return the defective equipment within above specified time frame. I hereby agree that if I have any problems or questions, I will first contact Digital Watchdog for assistance, using the contact information located on their web site at I hereby agree that I will not dispute any charges from Digital Watchdog unless I have already attempted to rectify the situation directly with Digital Watchdog and those attempts have failed. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal cardholder for this credit card, and that I am legally authorized to enter into this one time billing agreement with Digital Watchdog. This form must be completed and signed by an authorized user of the credit card.

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